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The Constitution

1.1 The Society's name shall be the Murdoch Alternative Reality Society, also known as MARS and hereafter shall be referred to as MARS.
1.2 MARS is an affiliate of the Murdoch University Guild of Students and is thus subject to the Murdoch University Statute, Guild Regulations and Guild Rules.

2.1 Subject to Guild Statutes and Regulations, the objectives of MARS shall be:
2.2 To promote alternative and unusual genres, such as, but not limited to, Science Fiction, Gothic, and Fantasy, in a variety of media, such as, but not limited to, films, computer games, wargames, card games, LARP, RPG, literature, and visual arts, via organised social functions, competitions, and services.

3.1 Subject to Guild Statutes and Regulations, the activities of MARS shall consist of promotion of the objectives of MARS.
3.2 Any person may take part in any MARS sponsored activity, Restrictions or Exclusions may only occur if there are legal or practical limitations on activity group size, age or sex.
3.3 Any funding provided by the Murdoch Guild of Students or external sponsors will be used for the activities the funding was provided for.
3.4 Price differentials are in effect for any of the societies sponsored events or functions, which includes an entrance or participation fee. The differentials will be applied to the full fee for MARS members, members of clubs with a current formal association with MARS, and Guild members. These differentials shall be determined by MARS
3.5 MARS prohibits the giving of gifts and/or monies (money and assets must stay within the club for the running of the club).
3.6 MARS will not perform any initiation rituals at any stage in its existence.

4.1 Subject to conditions stipulated in Guild Regulations, any person may join MARS.
4.2 Membership shall begin on payment of the membership fee and shall expire twelve (12) months after payment of that fee.
4.3 Membership fees shall be set by MARS, provided that they do not conflict with the minimum or maximum set down by the Murdoch University Guild of Students.

5.1 The office bearers of MARS, in order of seniority shall be:
Vice President
Clubs and Societies Representative
Web Co-coordinator ('the geek')
The Minion (Ordinary Executive Member No. 1)
The Karl* (Ordinary Executive Member No. 2)
*In honor of Karl Brown’s long term holding of this position.

5.2 In the case of a casual vacancy the President may appoint a person from the membership of MARS.
5.3 No person shall hold more than one position on the MARS Executive. This statute can be temporarily revoked if an Executive position has remained vacant for a period greater than fourteen (14) days. Should such a situation exist, the Executive may appoint another Executive to temporarily fill the vacant position until a replacement has been organised.
5.4 The Annual General Meeting of MARS may decide to include any number of ordinary Executive positions if there is a requirement for more than the constitutionally mandated two ordinary Executive.

6.1 The Executive shall meet at least once a month.
6.2 Quorum for such a meeting shall be two-thirds (2/3) of the total Executive.
6.3 Notification of all such meetings shall be done by the Secretary via the clubroom notice board and the executive email list. Notification by telephone is also required to any executives who have previously requested this. Notification of a meeting shall be made at least seven (7) days before the meeting.
6.4 The Executive shall have the power to formulate activities and policy for MARS in general, as long as they are not in contradiction with prior policy as decided by a General Meeting of MARS, this constitution, or other rules and regulations of the Murdoch University Guild of Students.
6.5 The Executive shall not have the power to allocate substantial sums of money without prior approval of a General Meeting of MARS. A substantial sum in this case is deemed to be over $300.00

7.1 To act as Chairperson for all meetings of MARS.
7.2 To be an ex-officio member of all MARS committee's, sub-committee's, et al.
7.3 To Co-ordinate and supervise the activities of Executive members.
7.4 To represent MARS in matters relating to MARS.
7.5 To authorise expenditure of the funds of MARS, providing that such expenditure is not in contradiction with sections 3.1, 3.2 and 6.5 and the amounts withdrawn over the term of office do not exceed 20% of the funds of MARS at the beginning of the term of office.
7.6 To familiarise members of MARS with the objectives, activities, rules and regulations of MARS.

8.1 To assist the President in the carrying out of the Presidents responsibilities, as required by the President.
8.2 To act as the President in the President's absence.
8.3 To act as Deputy Chair at all meetings of the Society.

9.1 To record the minutes of all meetings of MARS. To maintain a minutes file. To ensure that minutes are signed by the Chairperson of the meeting.
9.2 To conduct and keep correspondence of MARS. To maintain correspondence files of MARS.
9.3 To maintain a list of MARS members.
9.4 To ensure that an updated copy of the MARS Constitution is readily available to the MARS Executive and general MARS members.
9.5 To ensure that the MARS membership list remains current and up-to-date. To ensure the personal details of MARS members contained within their membership applications remains private and confidential. To ensure that the current MARS membership applications can only be viewed by other MARS Executive members with valid reason to do so.
9.6 To familiarise members of MARS with correspondence, minutes and membership of MARS.

10.1 To keep a proper book of accounts dealing with the property and finances of MARS.
10.2 To ensure the collection of membership fees from members.
10.3 To prepare a financial statement showing all receipts and payments of MARS for the preceding year at the MARS Annual General Meeting.
10.4 To prepare and present a budget of income and expenditure for the following year to the Annual General Meeting of MARS for approval.
10.5 To familiarise members of MARS with the accounts on financial status of MARS.
10.6 To ensure that the MARS Bank Account Signatories are current members and Executives of MARS.
10.7 To ensure the security and availability of the MARS Petty Cash Box and other MARS funds.

11.1 To be responsible for the cataloguing and maintenance of MARS' library.
11.2 To supervise access to the MARS library by members.
11.3 To familiarise the members of MARS with the rules associated with the use of the MARS library. To administer the rules of the MARS library, including the collection of fines.
11.4 To ensure that only current members of MARS have access to the MARS library.
11.5 To ensure that overdue MARS library assets are returned and fines applied.
11.6 To apply overdue fines which are $1.00 for every month past the expiration date.
11.7 To assist the Secretary as required by the Secretary, and to act as the Secretary in the Secretary's absence.

12.1 To act as a representative of MARS at meetings of the Clubs and Societies Association. To represent MARS policy at such meetings.
12.2 To submit applications for Guild funding on behalf of MARS.
12.3 To act as a liaison officer between MARS, other Murdoch University Societies, clubs from other universities, the Clubs and Societies Association, the Guild, and external non-university affiliated societies and clubs.
12.4 To familiarise MARS members of the Association activities and the relationship of MARS to other campus bodies, including the Guild.

13.1 To be editor of the Phantasmagoria (annual).
13.2 To produce the bi-monthly newsletter.

14.1 To maintain the MARS website. 14.2 Electronic distribution of the bi-monthly news letter.

13.1 To perform tasks as delegated by the Executive committee and to assist other Executive members as required.
13.2 To keep the MARS clubroom in a clean and acceptable condition.

16.1 The Annual General Meeting of MARS shall be held in May each year.
16.2 The following events shall occur at the Annual General Meeting - The election of the Executive for the following financial year. - A report from each Executive office bearer, giving a summary of their activities and the carrying out their responsibilities over the past year. - The passing of a budget of income and expenditure for the following year.

17.1 A General Meeting of MARS may be convened by the Secretary who must give fourteen (14) days notice of such a meeting by posting the meeting date on the MARS clubroom notice board and the email list for members.
17.2 Each General Meeting of MARS must include a report by each member of the Executive on the carrying out of their responsibilities.
17.3 Any decision of a General Meeting on matters of policy, objectives or activity shall be binding on the Executive of MARS as long as those decisions are not in contradiction with the rules and regulations of the Murdoch University Guild of Students.
17.4 Quorum for a General Meeting shall be fifteen (15) percent of MARS members, or ten (10) members, whichever is greatest.

18.1 All meetings shall use the standard orders of the Senate as meeting procedure, as published in the University Handbook and Calendar. For "Senate" read "MARS", for "Chancellor" read "Chairperson", for "Pro-Chancellor" read "Deputy Chair". Ignore all references to the Vice-Chancellor. Quorum shall be as noted in the Constitution.

19.1 Elections for the Executive shall be held at the Annual General Meeting of MARS, except in the case of a casual vacancy, in which case the election shall be held at the following General Meeting. 19.2 All elections for all positions shall be by an optional preferential system and secret ballot. A Returning Officer who is not a candidate shall be appointed by the meeting. There shall be a provision for "no candidate" in each election. If "no candidate" is elected, the position shall be deemed vacant and nominations shall be open until the next General Meeting of MARS.
19.3 Current members of the MARS Executive may run for re-election.
19.4 Any members of MARS may stand for any position in MARS.
19.5 Any MARS member applying for a position on the MARS executive must submit a written and witnessed nomination to the current MARS Secretary seven (7) days before the MARS Annual General Meeting.
19.6 The new executive will take over their respective offices on the first day after the day they are elected.

20.1 Any five members, upon written request may demand the Secretary to hold a meeting to discuss an issue of business noted upon their written request.
20.2 Any members, after giving four (4) days written notice may demand from the Secretary the right to view the membership list (if such a request is made, an abbreviated membership list withholding members addresses and phone numbers will be issued, this is to respect and protect the privacy of MARS members) and/or minutes book and /or correspondence file and/or account book. (certain account details, such as the MARS account number will be withheld to ensure security of the MARS account is maintained.
20.3 Any ten (10) members, upon written request to the secretary containing a valid reason for doing so may demand the resignation of an Executive member. The Secretary shall call a General Meeting on the matter. If two thirds (2/3) of those present at the General Meeting approve of the resignation demanded, the position shall be declared vacant.
20.4 Any member of MARS may attend meetings of the Executive and have moving and speaking rights.

21.1 Alterations to this constitution may only be made by a General Meeting of MARS. Suggested alterations must be circulated with other items of business (if any). Murdoch Guild of Students must be notified in writing of any alterations to this constitution.